One of the most vulnerable times for our children and their chaperones is when they are away from us/home and in strange environments (Hotels) that are shared by total strangers.

Since 2004, we have observed many unbelievable situations while providing security services to tour groups staying in our Maryland, D.C., and Virginia hotels. While our clients have slept in their rooms, we have had to deter illegal activities that could have directly affected our clients wellbeing, such as drug sales, gang activity, prostitution, and drunken, out of control behavior. Regardless of the socio economic status of the region in which the hotels have been located, the situations that we have observed and dealt with have simply been unbelievable.

Contract Security Forces understands the priceless value of the safety of our loved ones as they experience new places and events. We can't lock our children away from the world forever so we do our absolute best to protect them as they begin to explore the world. Therefore, CSF employs a security solution for our traveling Tour groups that is second to none in the contractual realm.

Our approach to tour group security is multifaceted. We begin with the selection of the type of security officers that we assign to tour groups. All of our officers undergo national criminal checks and random drug testing to determine trustworthiness. However, we go a step further for our tour group selection. These officers must have a maternal/paternal instinct as well. Officers on these security details must be innately protective of children and young adults, patient, keenly aware of the surroundings in which the children are abiding within, and possess the ability to work with and communicate effectively with the chaperones.

Secondly, we do not put novice officers with tour groups due to the fact that our security solutions for tour groups requires the assigned officers to be able to assess, monitor, and take control of the environment. Every officer assigned to tour groups must be trained and effective within the following sciences and principles:

• Responding to emergency and non-emergency situations

• Thoroughly investigate incidents and unusual circumstances

• Knowledge of Federal, State, and Local Police Principles and Practices

• Security, Surroundings, and Threat Awareness

• Threat Deterrence and Avoidance

• Criminal and Suspicious Behavior Awareness, as well as Body Language

• Conflict Resolution Techniques – Dealing with Hostile and/or Agitated Persons

• Rapid Response Techniques to Life Threatening Circumstances

• First Aid, CPR, and AED Training

• Report Writing

• Vulnerability/Security Needs Analysis

• Observation Skills

• Customer Service Techniques

• Maintaining and Emitting a Physical and Mental Sharpness

• Preventing Drug, Gang, and Illegal Activity

• Effective Communication (Oral and Written) and Interaction Skills

CSF's training curriculum prepares our officers to be more than your average security officer. Our training curriculum prepares them emotionally, mentally, and physically to be professional and effective tools of service that protect life.


Every officer selected to provide service for your group will be fully qualified, highly professional and will have on their person at all times current and valid Department of Criminal Justice Services ("DCJS"), or state, Security Officer Registration cards. Additionally, each officer will be impressively dressed in a professional uniform that is clean and pressed, has the Contract Security Forces shoulder patches, a security officer badge, and nametag, a duty belt, flashlight, and seasonal items such as raincoats and winter jackets/hats.

They will strive to ensure a safe environment by continuously monitoring and patrolling the floors that your group is located. Officers shall not leave the premises during their assigned shifts. Our officers will continuously work closely with Site Management and local Law Enforcement in striving to maintain a pleasant and safe environment, free from loitering and all criminal activity.

If your group has need of our security solutions that employs the deployment of tour group officers, simply click on and complete our Security Assessment Request Form. You have our guarantee that one of our qualified representatives will respond to you within a 24-hour period.

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