Contract Security Forces – A Contractual Force

Contract Security Forces has created and established itself as a Contractual Force that shall serve as a contractual augmentation force to our nation's federal, state, local, and private law enforcement entities. CSF is an employee owned organization of security contractors that consists of active duty security officers and a registry of inactive/on-call reserve security officers. It is designed to bring ALL contract security officers together under one, employed owned, and corporately organized umbrella that solely represents the best interests of the clients that contract security services, America's protection needs, and those that provide the services.

Join us as we take back our industry from those who simply intend on exploiting our industry and our services! Regardless, if you work for another security company, or you are attempting to join the security industry, it would behoove you to become part of Contractual Security Forces (CSF). Why work for a contractual entity that only regards you as a number and only seeks financial gain for themselves? Join the force that shall become known as a national Contractual Security Force that serves as an augmentation force to our Federal, state, local, and private law enforcement/security entities. Join the force that allows you to be a shareholder and that properly prioritizes our clients, services, and those that provide the services.

Contract Security Forces is currently pursuing licenses across America to enable us to bid on contracts and to serve across America. As we move across America, we will be hiring strictly from our CSF Contractual Security Forces Registry. This Registry consists of Contract Security Forces' Active Duty and Inactive/On-Call Reserve Officers. By joining our CSF Contractual Forces Registry, you can become part of the CSF's Contractual Forces.


Active Duty Officers are those Officers that are currently working directly for CSF clients on a full time basis.


Inactive/On-Call officers are those officers that have joined our CSF Contractual Forces Registry that are either currently working for another entity while waiting to be called to active duty for CSF as positions open, or they are currently unemployed and are waiting to be called into active duty service as positions open. Note: If you currently work for another entity, your joining our CSF Contractual Forces Registry is confidential.

Regardless of your status, as long as you have joined our CSF Contractual Forces Registry, you have the following benefits and opportunities:

• Purchasing shares of CSF stock and participate in profit sharing

• Purchasing affordable health benefits due to great group rates

• Being placed on our "On-Call/As-Needed" list that allows you to work in a part-time mode until a fulltime or active duty position is available

• Be counted in Contractual Security Forces Forces Rolls – Ready and Able to serve Contractual Security Opportunities/Needs across America as they become available

• Earn a significantly higher hourly rate than our comparable competitors for our billable hour equations/formulas are established in a way that greatly benefits those that provide the service – YOU

To become part of Contractual Security Forces, simply click on the link below and complete our Contractual Security Forces Registry Application.

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