Our Officers are like no others. It is our firm belief that an officer's performance is his or her job knowledge in action. An officer's work product begins with education and training. Therefore, our Officers are trained in such a way and to such a degree that their presence makes a difference.

Our Officers are educated and trained in our very own comprehensive training program designed exclusively for serving and protecting our client's specific sites and needs. Our training program is a "Proactive Physical Security Training and Response Curriculum" specifically designed to educate, train, and prepare our Officers for all types of environments and circumstances. It enables the officers to employ an extensive array of sophisticated security skills, policies, equipment, and procedures to:

1. Proactively deter any and all criminal intentions and,

2. Effectively and successfully respond to protect life and property when proactive measures fail to deter criminal activity or behavior.

Proactive Response Courses

• Vulnerability/Security Needs Analysis

• Classified Information Security

• Physical Security Systems (Technological and Procedural)

• Knowledge of Federal, State, and local Police Principles and Practices

• Use of Force Laws and Techniques with Arrest Authority and Handcuffing Techniques

• Behaviors that Prevent Armed Robbery Attempts, Including Patrolling Techniques

• Loss Prevention

• Crowd Control and Observation Skills

• Security, Surroundings and Threat Awareness

• Threat Deterrence and Avoidance

• Conducting Daily Safety and Security Inspections and Report Writing

• Criminal and Suspicious Behavior Awareness and Body Language

• Effective Communication (Oral and Written) and Interaction Skills

• Maintaining and Emitting a Physical and Mental Sharpness

• Stopping Drug and Gang Activity

• Serving and Upholding Barring Notices

• Parking Enforcement

• Executing Tenant / Homeowners Association Rules and Regulations

• Customer Service Techniques

• Officer Safety

Reactionary Response Courses

• Conflict Resolution Techniques - Dealing with Hostile and/or Agitated Persons

• Rapid Response Techniques to Life Threatening Circumstances

• Response Techniques to Armed Robbery

• Close Proximity Weapons Training (Applicable to Armed Officers)

• Crime Scene Preservation

• Response to Bomb Threats

• Response to Duress Code/Signal Activations

• Handling Hostage Situations

This training curriculum prepares the officers to be more than your average security officer. It prepares them emotionally, mentally, and physically to be professional and effective tools of service that protect life and property. Moreover, it prepares them to be genuine Security Officers.

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