We currently provide Loss Prevention officers to one of the world's largest retail stores and our officers have been responsible for the recovery of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise that criminals have attempted to defraud our clients of through "snatch-and-grabs," shoplifting and/or credit card fraud.

Our methodology/science to our Loss Prevention solutions are second to none. Our Loss Prevention officers are extensively trained and experienced in:

• Shoplifting Laws

• Fundamentals of Shoplifting/Fraud (Internal and External)

• Recognizing Signs of Shoplifting/Fraud (Internal and External)

• Detection & Observation Techniques

• Apprehension Requirements and Techniques

• Arrest Procedures and Requirements

• Report Writing and Case Preparation

• Testifying in Court

• Evidence Collection

• Civil Liabilities

• Working closely with Local Police Departments, State Prosecutors/Attorneys, FBI, and the Secret Service

In conclusion, Loss Prevention is serious business. If it is not taken seriously, it can cost you your business. Contract Security Forces understands the seriousness of and the delicate nature of the science of loss prevention and we are highly trained and fully capable of providing expert loss prevention services/solutions to your business. If you feel as though you may have need of our loss prevention solutions, simply click on and complete our Security Assessment Request Form.

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