CSF is changing the way business is done within the security industry and it is about time! Derived from a keen insight into the reality of America's protection needs and a "passionate compassion" for the well-being of mankind, the corporate mindset of Contract Security Forces is determined to provide a better, more efficient, contractual service that shall truly serve America's protection needs by eliminating greed, selfishness, and a lack of vision.


When the founder of CSF observed and felt the effects that corporate greed, selfishness, and the unwillingness to adopt any type of morally sound vision that included the wellbeing of others, were having upon the security services industry, he sought out a way to change it. He realized that due to the economic challenges plaguing our nation, it was truly advantageous for federal, state, local, and private entities to pursue contractual relationships instead of hiring permanent employees. However, he also realized that it was within these contractual relationships, both, the client and the people/officers providing the services were being taken advantage of by the pursuit of profit/greed. So, the founder of CSF asked the question, "How can you maintain a contractual platform that is necessary for the financial survival of the client BUT somehow remove the contractor?" Since it is the contractor, an individual entrepreneur or an investment group, that has been greatly and selfishly reaping the benefits of the contractual platform on the backs/service of those serving within the contractual realm, let's keep the contractual platform but remove the contractor. By removing the contractor, or the individual(s), that are selfishly and unfairly exploiting the billable hour rates that are paid by the clients for security services for themselves, the fees can go where they are supposed to go – toward the security needs (wages and benefits) of the client and to those that are providing the services for the client. So, how is this done?

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