For genuine financial reasons, private, local, state and Federal entities are often forced to fulfill some or all of their physical protection needs through contractual relationships with private security organizations. It is within these contractual relationships that America's physical protection needs are often compromised. Although these private, local, state, and Federal entities often pay "top dollars" to private contract security organizations for their protection needs, the security services that are received are often compromised for one reason - "Financial Gain."

Regardless of the amount of money paid to the private contract security organization's owner(s), too large of a percentage of every billable hours is directed towards the financial gain of the individual(s) or investors that took the opportunity and risk of starting and operating a private security business. As a result, the basic health and welfare needs of the Officers that are providing the services are not adequately met. Consequently, the quality of the services rendered and the caliber of the Officers hired and retained are often found to be inadequate as well.

All too often within private security organizations, the minimum training requirements are merely met initially in order to satisfy State requirements and the necessary continuous training and education requirements are neglected simply because those training hours would be paid at the contract owner's expense both for the officer and the instructor. Thus, the quality of service is compromised and essentially lulls Americans into a false sense of security. Our Nation's physical security needs are of much greater importance than personal financial gain and considering the severity of the threats that we now face; we can no longer afford any "Compromises of Service." American lives and freedoms are at stake!

Derived from a keen insight into the reality of America's protection needs and a "passionate compassion" for the well-being of mankind, the corporate mindset of Contract Security Forces, LLC, is determined to provide a better, more efficient, contractual service that shall truly serve America's protection needs. We, the founders of Contract Security Forces, LLC, have established our corporate and financial structure in a manner that is dedicated to ensure that every billable dollar is earnestly directed towards fulfilling our Mission and Vision through our prescribed values and to the health and welfare of those providing our Nation with such a valuable service. This is accomplished through a financial and organizational structure that includes employee ownership, financial accountability, salary caps for all Directors, Administrators, and Managers, and an accounting formula that disperses every penny of income into the necessary categories that manifest our Mission and Vision.

In conclusion, the corporate goal of Contract Security Forces, LLC, is not to financially exploit America's genuine need to be effectively protected in these troubled and dangerous times but to efficiently fill America's need by providing "Capable Tools of Service" that are ready, willing, and able to protect and serve.

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