More often than not, construction sites of all sorts are being vandalized and materials and equipment are being stolen from them. Thefts even occur when work crews are on site. When work crews depart the site, the sites are vandalized, scavenged from, and used as hangouts.

In spite of the genuine need for effective security coverage on construction sites, often times, ineffective and untrustworthy security officers are assigned to construction sites by untrustworthy security contractors.

Contract Security Forces offers security solutions to builders that protect their investments during every phase of their building projects. Our security solutions range from access control during work hours and mobile and/or foot patrols after work hours.

The caliber of CSF officers is second to none. Our officers work with a sense of purpose and when assigned to provide coverage for any construction site, they are trained to possess an innate understanding of the significance of protecting our client's investments and their total interests. They are trained to understand the importance of affording the builder the opportunity to "rest easy" knowing that their projects are safe in their absence.

Every officer selected to provide security coverage at any construction site will be fully qualified, highly professional and will have on their person at all times current and valid Department of Criminal Justice Services ("DCJS"), or state, Security Officer Registration cards. Additionally, each officer will be impressively dressed in a professional uniform that is clean and pressed, has the Contract Security Forces shoulder patches, a security officer badge, and nametag, a duty belt, holster, firearm (If an armed officer is needed), proper ammunition, flashlight, and seasonal items such as raincoats and winter jackets/hats. Officers will only carry firearms on which they have qualified (in both type and caliber).

Every officer assigned to work will have completed your states' Arrest Authority course (Armed Officers) and will have the legal right and ability to make arrests. They will strive to ensure a safe environment by continuously and proactively patrolling (i.e., foot, bike, and a clearly marked and identifiable security vehicle during inclement weather) the entire site. Officers shall not leave the premises during their assigned shifts. Our officers will continuously work closely with Site Management and local Law Enforcement in striving to maintain a pleasant and safe environment, free from loitering and all criminal activity.

If your construction site has need of our security solutions that employs the deployment of armed or unarmed officers, simply click on and complete our Security Assessment Request Form. You have our guarantee that one of our qualified representatives will respond to you within a 24-hour period.

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