If the "diagnosis of your particular circumstances" dictates a security solution that requires an officer to be fully equipped to protect life, then our managers will suggest Armed Officers to be part of your prescribed security solution.

It is important to realize the difference between "armed" and "unarmed" officers. An unarmed officer's responsibility does not include directly protecting life but to observe, report, and to deter. It is an armed officer's responsibility to directly protect life. Our Armed Officer services are second to none in the contractual realm. Our armed officer solutions employ policies and procedures that trains and prepares our armed officers to serve as a type of private police force to our clients. Our armed officers are consistently trained in the following core subjects and principles:


• Respond to life threatening circumstances with the intent to stop the flow of aggression against the lives and well-beings of our clients

• Respond to emergency and non-emergency situations

• Thoroughly investigate incidents and unusual circumstances

• Knowledge of Federal, State, and Local Police Principles and Practices

• Use of Force Laws and Techniques, Arrest Authority, and Handcuffing Techniques

• Behaviors that Prevent Armed Robbery Attempts, Including Patrolling Techniques

• Security, Surroundings, and Threat Awareness

• Threat Deterrence and Avoidance

• Criminal and Suspicious Behavior Awareness, as well as Body Language

• Conflict Resolution Techniques – Dealing with Hostile and/or Agitated Persons

• Rapid Response Techniques to Life Threatening Circumstances

• Response Techniques to Armed Robbery

• First Aid, CPR, and AED Training

• Crime Scene Preservation

• Response to Bomb Threats

• Response to Domestic Situation


• Conducting Daily Safety and Security/Maintenance Inspections and Report Writing

• Physical Security Systems (Technological and Procedural)

• Monitoring electronic security equipment (closed-circuit television and alarms)

• Vulnerability/Security Needs Analysis


• Crowd Control and Observation Skills

• Customer Service Techniques

• Maintaining and Emitting a Physical and Mental Sharpness

• Stopping Drug and Gang Activity

• Serving and Upholding Barring Notices (No-Trespass Notices)

• Parking Enforcement

• Executing Tenant/Association Rules and Regulations

• Effective Communication (Oral and Written) and Interaction Skills

• "Procedural Security" (The management of property, delivery/pickup procedures, key control, securing and unsecuring property as prescribed, handling of accidents and incidents, procedures/policies (lease agreements, etc)

• Environmental Control Policies/Procedures (Managing unwanted behavior that detracts from the desired atmosphere such as loitering, illegally parked and/or abandoned vehicles, and unsafe sidewalks or common areas)

• Trained to maintain aesthetics of the natural appearance of the property through daily inspections and report writing maintenance reports

CSF's training curriculum prepares our armed officers to be more than your average security officer. Our training curriculum prepares them emotionally, mentally, and physically to be professional and effective tools of service that protect life and property.


Every armed officer selected to provide service for prescribed security solution will be fully qualified, highly professional and will have on their person at all times current and valid Department of Criminal Justice Services ("DCJS"), or state, Security Officer Registration cards. Additionally, each officer will be impressively dressed in a professional uniform that is clean and pressed, has the Contract Security Forces shoulder patches, a security officer badge, and nametag, a duty belt, holster, firearm, proper ammunition, flashlight, and seasonal items such as raincoats and winter jackets/hats. Officers will only carry firearms on which they have qualified (in both type and caliber).

Every officer assigned to work will have completed your states' Arrest Authority course and will have the legal right and ability to make arrests. They will strive to ensure a safe environment by continuously and proactively patrolling (i.e., foot, bike, and a clearly marked and identifiable security vehicle during inclement weather) the entire community/property. Officers shall not leave the premises during their assigned shifts. Our officers will continuously work closely with Site Management and local Law Enforcement in striving to maintain a pleasant and safe environment, free from loitering and all criminal activity.

If your community has need of our security solutions that employs the deployment of armed officers, simply click on and complete our Security Assessment Request Form. You have our guarantee that one of our qualified representatives will respond to you within a 24-hour period.

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